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Friday, July 25, 2008

Morning News Brief

Catching you up on all the sports news you missed by avoiding Stuart Scott and his SportsCenter cronies. And yes I understand your eating lunch right now in New York. I don't care. It's morning in California.

Warriors sign Monta Ellis to a six year, 67 million dollar contract. Warriors vice president of basketball operations Chris Mullin told The Associated Press, "We look forward to him playing a big part in our future success." Um, your starting front court of Al Harrington and Ronny Turiaf avaraged 20 and 9 last year. Combined. What future success are you referring to Mr. Mullin?

The International Olympic Committee upholds the ban against Iraqi athletes. What a standard to set. If you don't like someone, ban them from playing with you. Little Leaguers everywhere are trying to outlaw the mean bully down the street.

Rod Smith retires. Does anything go on in the NFL anymore that does not have to do with retirement? Man.

The Packers may postpone retiring Favre's jersey.
Hmm. Is this a sign of things to come?

BRETT FAVRE PLANS ON REPORTING TO TRAINING CAMP. Who called it? And my caps lock key is not broken. I just typed it exactly how it appears on Apparently the site thinks its main demographic is 90 year olds with reading glasses.


Super Briefs:
Cubs stay on top of division with win over Marlins

Red Sox pull into tie with Rays after Tampa loses to Kansas City

Nationals and Padres continue their epic battle to see who can be worse by both losing again.

Most NFL teams open training camp today.

Marvin Harrison runs with a smile on his face during first training camp practice says Dungy.

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