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Monday, July 21, 2008

Afternoon Internet Wanderings

I'm back from the weekend, I saw Batman, I slacked off with no posts this morning because I was still in awe, and now I'm here again, keeping you distracted with the most random assortment of crap that the world wide web has to offer.

Jerryd Bayless will be the next guy to have his summer league number retired. I've never seen anybody dominate July like this guy has. Well actually, I don't have NBA TV. But I've never seen any basketball player be all over youtube in July as much as this guy has been.
- Youtube

The front page headline is, "Shockey's A Saint." The dude's a whiny, long haired playboy who bad mouths his team and franchise. Who wrote that, Jemele Hill? ESPN really does need a Code of Conduct Manual.

Richie Sexson, Tony Clark, and now Ray Durham are the "big" bats moved at the deadline. Maybe there is a Barry Bonds conspiracy.
- Associated Press

Soccer player gets yellow card for helping out security guards. Ya I don't understand it either.
- Via The Sporting Blog

Football players have a deep, emotional connection in the shower. Cue Brady Quinn jokes... now.
- Fanhouse

The North Carolina bandwagon is off and running.
- Bleacher Report

NBC is too cheap to send announcers to the actual Olympics in order to announce said games. Archery, equestrian, shooting, handball, ok. But some of the sports they'll be commentating via guys watching a screen back in New York are soccer, tennis, and some basketball. Somebody obviously wants to compete with ESPN to give viewers the worst sports coverage possible...
- AwfulAnnouncing

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