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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Morning News Brief

Catching you up on all the sports news you missed by avoiding Stuart Scott and his SportsCenter cronies. And yes I understand your eating lunch right now in New York. I don't care. It's morning in California.

America's biggest soccer sensation will play in France next year.
Adu. Freddy Adu. No? Teenager who likes Hillary Duff? That name doesn't ring a bell? He's USA's best hope for soccer studliness. In other words he's an average European.

Brian Urlacher and Da Bears come to a contract agreement. This is a smart move. To give your best player and the face of your franchise what he wants. Genius.

Frank Schleck kept his overall lead yesterday. Christian Vande Velde fell into sixth place. He'll have to make a push this week if he wants to have a chance to win it on Sunday. Raise your hand if you have any idea what I'm talking about. Anyone, anyone? Tour de France, people.

Sebastian Telfair signs a multi year deal with the Timberwolves.
His agent says Telfair, "is looking forward to contributing to bringing the Timberwolves back to the playoffs." Withhold your laughter.

Bobby Bowden maintains that he is not ready to retire. He also stressed that the Seminoles must win more. "My goal is to get back to the top, but if we get there, we're not going to stay there. There's too many good teams in this conference." I don't know what Florida State fans are talking about. How can you not have confidence in a guy who thinks like that?

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