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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Afternoon Internet Wanderings

Keeping you distracted with the most random assortment of crap that the world wide web has to offer.

Man from Rhode Island sets new alcohol consumption record. Give this guy a medal. That is impressive.

Jason Giambi's National Moustache Association sponsored lip hair now has it's own shirt. I guess I understand, sort of. It's not like Yankee fans have anything else to be excited about. Just an observation though, Giambi's stache is getting more publicity than A-Rod. Is that right?
- The Sporting Blog

Top fencer (fencing player?) got into the sport because he wanted to be like Zorro. That's like becoming a boxer because you want to be like a Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robot.
- Yahoo Sports

Not as if it had enough wrinkles to it already, racism has been brought into the Josh Hamilton story.
- Bleacher Report

People dress up as SportsCenter personalities for Halloween. Hey. If there's a bunch of people walking around looking like Erin Andrews I have no problem.
- Tirico Suave

Mangino is fat t-shirts > Jason Giambi stache t-shirts.
- Sports by Brooks > Any site I've ever previously posted on here.

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