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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Morning News Brief

Catching you up on all the sports news you missed by avoiding Stuart Scott and his SportsCenter cronies. And yes I understand your eating lunch right now in New York. I don't care. It's morning in California.

Josh Childress has decided to leave Atlanta to play in Greece. For his actual team. Seriously. The Greeks supposedly enormously outbid the Hawks. A European team outbid an NBA franchise. I'm not making this up folks.

Tony Dungy says that Peyton Manning may play in the preseason. He thanks God for Peyton's quick recovery from the bursa sac injury.

Beijing will have designated areas for protests. Man, that's a messed up country. They tell you where you have to protest. That government just controls those citizens.

Greg Norman yet to decide whether he'll accept the invitation to play in the PGA Championship. "I don’t want to hold up the PGA of America. I must tell them in the next 24 hours." Trivia question, who does that not sound like?

The Tour de France heads into its toughest stage today. Christiain Vande Velde is over 3 minutes behind the leader. Can someone tell me if that's good or bad at this point in a race?

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