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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Kornheiser! No Kornheiser! No Kornheiser... No PTI. Dang It

I thought they had figured it out. I really did. I believed they had wisened up. Or maybe I just wanted to believe.

ESPN was doing PTI minus Tony Kornheiser. It went on for weeks with Dan LeBetard as Michael Wilbon's co-host. I was enjoying life, enjoying watching episodes upon episodes of Pardon the Interruption without being interrupted by American Idol references.

And then it stopped.

They say PTI is off for the week. How could they? Everything was going great! They actually had something good going. And now they just stop it? Put it on the back seat? To give us more SportsCenter???

Bristol. Go put yourself in a bodybag and push yourself off the top of whatever high building there is in Connecticut.

Take TK with you.

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