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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Wait Is Over

After much non-hype I have appeared on the Boat of Much Love. Sure, you don't know me, and I'm sure that you don't care. However, we will have to stick this cruise out together or you will have to jump overboard because I can't swim.

Speaking of swimming, sure the Jamaican Bolt did wonders setting 2 world records, but the man has "bolt" in his name. That's like being surprised that Joey Goodspeed was a running back for Notre Dame. No, I give the Olympian of the Year to Mr. Michael Phelps, as I'm sure does everyone.

Staying on the Olympic theme, even though I have announced my triumphant debut, I am also going to announce that after this contract is up (like I'm getting paid) I may option to writing for a European Blog. That is, if the money is right. I'm sorry, but this was not the "Redeem Team" that the media allows you to think. This was not all set in motion 3 years ago. No, this was set in motion a few months ago when NBA and high school basketball players realized that they can get PAID in Europe. Don't be fooled, this was nothing more then a global try-out. This was the sneak peak at the auction to come in 3 years. So before we hoist up our basketball players as the best in the world and regained their golden glory, ask yourself, are you going to travel to Greece to see Kobe's Russian Mafia take on LeBron's Olympios? Not unless we dock there.

Well, enjoy the boat ride, because we maybe in for some rough water.

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