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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Randomly Timed Update of the Tournament Formally Known as the British Open

"Open Championship" is right. Without Tiger, the British Open throne has been opened up for anybody and everybody. And I do mean anybody. Two of the guys at the top of the leaderboard are a 53 year old shark and a 36 year old snazzy sunglasses wearer, both back from the dead.

Remember Greg Norman? Yes, yes, that one old Australian dating that one tennis player lady. Apparently he found the fountain of youth while in the Bahamas for their wedding three weeks ago. No word on whether he found the internet there as well. He's been even par in both rounds, having two of the tournament's, at the moment, 13 rounds of 70. As hard as it is to believe, this grandpa may be the favorite right now. The two major wins of his career have both come at the Open Championship. Both times the runner ups he beat into the ground were British guys. I don't know why that's important, but it just amuses me to see British chaps lose at the British open.

Oh, at the moment, David Duval, who I am officially dubbing "The Mummy" for his come back from the dead routine, has fallen into a 7 way tie for third place at +2. That leaves the visor wearing K.J. Choi in a tie for second place with the Spiderman.

Some other notable names at that 2 over mark are Jim Furyk, Robert Allenby, and everyone's new favorite lovable, chubby loser, Rocco Mediate. That's right Phil Mickelson, the 8 over golf you've been playing thus far in this tournament, and your 8 major streak of only one top 15 finish has made you too much of a loser for the people not named Rick Reilly to be a fan anymore. Nobody likes salmon that much anyway.

John Daly is currently at +25. He's in last place.
Danny Chia had the worst round of the tournament so far, an 87 today. That's Tony Romo level.
David Horsey has the coolest name in the tournament.

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