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Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh Hot Dog. This Is My Blog.

Keeps you partying like a club hog.

Yes I just dropped a Flo Rida reference. In the very first post on this sports blog. A sign of bad things to come? Maybe so. But I wouldn't be too worried. I hate Flo Rida. Just like I hate all stupid, made-for-club, hip pop music. The song was just stuck in my head people. I hate hip pop as much as I hate the Raiders, Bud Selig, and paying 9.50 to see Eddie Murphy act as 9 different characters on my Friday nights.

My distaste for this crap is as gargantuan as my love for Ping Pong, Ladainian Tomlinson, and making fun of pretty boy, successful NFL quarterbacks.

Yes I'm being personal, but isn't that what blogs are about? For the readers to know the writers as well as Peter King knows Old Bretty Boy Favre? Yes? That's what blogs are about? Yes! They are what I thought they were!

I normally waste my time that should be spent on something productive following the sports teams in San Diego.

Lupe Fiasco is a genius.

I have an east coast bias, meaning I'm biased against the east coast because it sucks and the Pac-10 owns it up and the Yankees can go die and all that jazz.

I like Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption.

Don't worry though, I hate Jay Marriotti and think Bill Plashke is a bumbling fool.

I can't figure out why Skip Bayless has a job. I also can't figure out why First Take always pairs him with a black guy, even when the best name they can get on the show is Nelly. A rapper. Who was on the program this Monday morning.

Fred Smoot is a baller.

Jim Murray is my hero. Bill Simmons and Matthew Berry are not funny. I think Rick Reilly is great, but is falling off his game, and Gene Wojciechowski is enormously underrated.

Sportscenter is too long and filled with too many ads, fluff, and cuteness.

This blog post was too long and filled with too many lame jokes.

And now that you know me, let me know you. Comment on this blog. Send feedback, tips, and ideas to

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