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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miss USA Shows The World What America Is All About

I forgot to mention this in my very first post.
I also love posting youtube videos and commenting on them and passing them off as legitimate blog posts. You sports fans are just so gullible like that.

That's the way Crystele Stewart, model, motivational speaker, and athlete from Texas! Represent us with pride!

Wait, she's a model? That's one of the approximately three things in a model's job description, to know how to walk. I can confidently guess that Miss Stewart has never been the Employee of the Month at her agency.

This happened last year too. Miss USA at Miss Universe contest, falls on butt, humiliates a country. If Miss China did this they would shoot her.

Let's just hope that all of our American representatives in worldly competitions don't do this poorly. Do you hear me Michael Phelps?

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