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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mayo Is Smothering The Summer League

You guys got lucky. That was the headline with the least amount of cheeseballiness. You have no idea how crazy OJ's name makes sports writers and bloggers. And that's just his name. His game is candy to us little kids too.

The other summer leaguers might disagree, but what he is doing this July on the hardcourt is just awesome. He was the first lottery player to sign a shoe deal, and he's also the first lottery player to make the rounds on youtube.

Three of the best plays of the this year's summer league season come from Mayo.

He troll stomped Hilton Armstrong on this dunk.

He was "sick!" in the words of this age confused, terminology challenged play by play guy on this reverse lay in.

And he scored from 69 feet out (thank me for sparing you from another cheesball headline) on Monday night. *Update-Got A Video For This*

Of course, Mayo mentioned that, "After practices recently, we have been practicing half-court shots." So really this madness is just common practice for this guy who is bringing fame back to the OJ name. Mr. Simpson, go thank this man.

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